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Exceptional French musical fob pendant (circa 1840)

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eNum: 5812.EWEN.1322

This exceptional piece is from Delphi Antiques in Dublin.
It is an original early nineteenth century musical fob pendant.
It was made in France C1840 and is made in eighteen carats yellow gold.
It is of a fine empire design with the gold work of exceptional quality.
The base of the fob contains the music box and is hand engraved with the original owners initials and monogram.
The music box is wound with its key from the top of the fob and there is a button on the side of the fob to activate the music.
It would have been worn originally on a muff chain or long guard chain.
I have been in the antique business for thirty five years now and only once before did i have a musical fob.
They are extremely rare so I was surprised and delighted to add this unique and rare piece to the antique collection at Delphi Antiques.

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