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Four matching eternity rings (as set or individual)

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eNum: 3008.PENN.0341

These wonderful diamond set eternity rings just arrived today at Delphi Antiques Dublin.
To find one eternity ring of this size and quality is difficult enough but to get a matched set of four is very unusual.
They are set in fine platinum and eighteen carats white gold settings with each ring being set with white brilliant-cut diamonds in a four claw setting.
They vary slightly in carats weight but they are approx Two carats fifty points in each ring.
They are all being sold seperately so one individual ring could be worn with another ring or they could be stacked together to great effect.
They are beautifully made and are set with beautiful white brilliant-cut diamonds.

Fine antique emerald-cut diamonds eternity ring
Very stackable set of three eternity rings (sapphire, diamond, ruby)