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Gaiety Theatre 25th Anniversary sovereign holder: a piece of Irish history (circa 1896)

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eNum: 3812.OEN.1312

This very unusual original antique silver sovereign case is from Delphi Antiques in Dublin.
It was made in England C1896 and is from the Victorian period.
There are hundreds of silver sovereign cases to be bought at antique shops and fairs but what is really unique about this one is its history and connection with the Gaiety Theatre which is a Victorian Theatre located in Dame street in Dublin.
It has an original Victorian inscription on the front that reads:

Gaiety Theatre
27th November 1896
25th Anniversary

And on the reverse it has engraved

From Mr and Mrs Gunn

This piece is a unique piece of Irish history.
The interior section of the sovereign holder where the sovereigns would have been stored is also in perfect condition.

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