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Moonstruck Pierrot brooch, longing for Columbine, French (circa 1930)

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eNum: 4317.PDNN.3105

Wonderful vintage brooch made in France circa 1930 to 1940.
It depicts the very famous character of Pierrot sitting in a moon crescent.

The story of Piero comes from the late 17th century commedia dell’arte in Italy, and was first performed in Paris.

He represents a clown, and he is moonstruck.
His love and the feelings that he has for his true love Columbine are unrequited: she only has eyes for the bolder Harlequin.

So the lovely Piero always wears a mask to hide his true feelings for the lovely Columbine.

The brooch itself is set in heavy eighteen-carat yellow gold.
Pierrot himself is hand enamelled: his trousers and cloak is in white enamel, the shoes are in brown enamel, and he has a beautiful cap at the top that is also in brown enamel.

He’s got the very typical ruff on the top of his outfit

He is sitting true to type in the crescent moon with his legs over the side of it. The moon itself is set with old round cut diamonds. in some versions of the story, the moon yearns for Pierrot’s love: sometimes ignored, and sometimes finally requited.

It’s a really beautiful and unusual piece and has a lovely story to tell.
And also it’s very wearable because it would show up beautifully on either a black outfit or a dark coat or something like that.

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