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Organic French tutti-frutti brooch of flowers and bugs symphony

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eNum: 4517.CMWEN.0409

Magnificent brooch, one-of-a-kind and one to behold. It was made in France c1940 to 1950 and is known as a tutti-frutti brooch: a brooch with “all he fruits in the fruit bowl!
It is set in a fine eighteen-carat yellow gold setting and depicts a bouquet of flowers with hidden bugs.
It is set with numerous wonderful stones including a marquee cut sapphire surrounded by diamonds, a fire opal surrounded by cultured pearls, a cabochon emerald surrounded by diamonds, a turquoise flower surrounded by sapphires, a magnificent flower of pearl surrounded by rubies, several set with turquoise and pearls, and one towards the centre set with a single sapphire stone surrounded by pearls.
It is a most unusual and fabulous piece of vintage jewellery.

Heavy vintage 18ct gold bangle