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Proudly suffragette brooch with empowering symbolism

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eNum: 4516.NONA.0432

Really unusual broach with a really interesting historical connection. This piece was made in England c1900 to 1910 and it is connected with the suffragette movement, fighting for votes for women in the early 19th century.
The piece itself is set in eighteen-carat yellow gold, and it is set with three different stones: peridol, pearl, and amethyst.
The pearl (white) represents purity, the Peridot (Green) represents hope, and the amethyst (purple or Violet) represents loyalty.

And though it may be an urban legend, the colours are said to be an acrostic for “Give Women Vote”.
A really unusual piece with some wonderful symbolism to it.
A really interesting and unique piece of jewellery.

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